Fire destroys Rivers Market, and thugs beat firemen

Fire destroys Rivers Market, and thugs beat firemen

Following a fire incident that decimated the Okujagu slaughter market in Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers State, goods and property worth millions of naira were lost.

At least ten temporary homes in the neighborhood were among the property damaged by the blaze.

According to reports, the suspected urchins in the area who were consuming drugs and carelessly handling the leftovers set the fire.

However, as soon as the fire started, they joined other locals in trying to put it out while numerous other people fled into homes to save their possessions.

A worried group of young people who were enraged that the firemen did not reach in time to put out the fire beat one of the Federal Fire Service firefighters to death when they got on the site after receiving a distress call.

The attack was reported to news reporters by Abdullahi Alfa Audu, Commander of the Federal Fire Service in Rivers State. He claimed that the youngsters were upset with his men because they did not arrive early to put out the fire.

You are aware that we respond as usual to the fire call and fight the fire. As soon as we arrive, we position our car to begin putting out the fire. They all started being stoned and beaten by these thugs.

“They (the firefighters) rushed into their car and started driving. One of the firemen fell while they were moving. They (hoodlums) grabbed him as he dropped to the ground and began machete beatings on him.

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On his hand, there was a large cut. He needed to get to the hospital right away. At that point, the hand was sewn up and he received a few quarts of blood.

According to Audu, it was risky to not know what started the fire because the alleged hoodlums’ activities prohibited them from extinguishing it and documenting the incident.

We are working to support the state firemen’s efforts in some way. But since we are not authorized to operate, there is no way for us to wait and assess the extent of the fire’s damage.

Living first. Your life must first be saved. The fire did not start because of us. We were merely going to offer assistance. Therefore, these boys who saw that we were late were not the ones who contacted us.

They’re mobbing, attempting to vandalize their trucks, and hurting firemen without even knowing what we dealt with before arriving at the fire scene, he raged.

When called, Grace Iringe-Koko, a spokeswoman for the state police command, said she would acquire the answer from the closest police station and get back to our correspondent.

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