Npower Work Nation Assessment Questions and Answeres 

Npower Work Nation Assessment Questions and Answers

1. The desired varieties of economically useful crops are raised by ______?

Ans= Hybridization

2. Which one of the following is natural insecticide?


3. Which of the following are known as primary resources for agriculture?

Ans=Land, Air and Water

4. The theory of origin of species through natural selection was proposed by …?

Ans = Charles Darwin

 Ans =True

6. The natural resistance of plant to diseases is attributed to _____

Ans = Polyphenols

7. The process performed by plants in sunlight for synthesizing food is known as__ ?

Ans = Photosynthesis

8. Which of the following is not the adverse effect of modern agriculture?

Ans = Biodegradation

9. Though farmers are aware that chemical fertilizers cause damage to the soil, they still use it because of:

Ans = Healthy Crop

10. In Organic farming:

Ans = Natural manure and pesticides are used to increase yield

11. Which of the following statements does not suit organic farming?

Ans= It is the farming with maximum use of chemicals and fertilizers

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12. Detritivores in the soil breakdown detritus into smaller particles. This process is called___?

Ans = Fragmentation

13. Which of the following is a protein source of plant origin?


14. Plants take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere mainly through their:

Ans = Leaves

15. Micro-organisms act upon dead plants to produce___?

Ans = Humus

16. The form of farming in which crops are grown to sustain the livelihood of the farmer and the farmer’s family is known as_

Ans=Subsistence Farming

17. Which is not an inorganic matter in the following?

Ans = Fat

18. Factors that influence crop growth and development

Ans = All of the above

19. The component of food which help our body to fight against infections is_

Ans = Protein

20. Growing vegetables, flowers, fruits, and decorative plants for commercial purposes is known as___

Ans -= Horticulture

21. The land on which crops are grown is Generally known as

Ans = Arable land

22. Which of the following is also known as the golden fibre

Ans = Jute

23. Seed treatment is done to control____

Ans = All of the above

24. In a cutting method of vegetative propagation, cuttings are generally taken from

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