Police kill the Osun prince, and criminals set fire to the castle.

Police kill the Osun prince, and criminals set fire to the castle.

On Wednesday, tragedy struck when police officers are accused of fatally shooting Lukman Olatunji, a prince, after an altercation at the gate to the Akinrun of Ikirun palace in the Ikirun region of Osun State.

The palace has remained shut ever since Oba Olalekan Akadiri, the new Akinrun of Ikirun, assumed the throne.

The armed officers reportedly attacked the location to open it so the monarch could enter the palace.

Unrest was caused by the policeman allegedly shooting Olatunji dead as they opened fire to chase away hoodlums who were protesting their actions in the neighborhood.

According to reports, when police entered the palace’s grounds, no fewer than four other people were shot.

Residents scurried to safety as a result of the tension in the region while youngsters in the neighborhood, incensed by the development, set a building in the palace on fire.

Gboyega Adebayo, a local, described how he witnessed police officers storming the palace while he was on his way to make a purchase. He added that the prince was killed by a stray bullet fired by one of the policemen.

“I was on my way to the Oja-Oba area to get a herbal product,” he claimed. I observed four police officers heading in that direction. A short while later, two vehicles carrying additional police officers pulled up to the scene.

Around the royal entrance, they began spraying the air with tear gas and bullets. To avoid being shot, everyone in the area of the premises fled in all directions. Olatunji was struck in the head by a round from one of their guns. He passed away instantly.

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“The policemen then brought a welder to aid them in unlocking the palace’s barred gate. To frighten people away, they (the cops) opened fire. Four other persons were also hit by bullets. Those people are still alive.

Tajudeen Gboleru, Olatunji’s elder brother, claimed in a phone chat with our correspondent that the policeman shot his brother died as they tried to enter the palace and that someone had led them there.

He declared, “A guy seeking to enter the castle arrived at the scene accompanied by numerous police officers and military. The shot that struck him must have been fired by one of the security guards.

However, it was stated that three firefighters were hurt to varying degrees and were taken to the hospital right away.

When contacted, Ibrahim Adekunle, the state’s fire service spokesperson, verified the attack on the firefighters.

They assaulted our soldiers. Three of them are still undergoing care at the hospital. Our fire engine was also broken into. After being attacked, our soldiers were forced to leave it and flee for cover. The mob attacked us after the police invited us to put out the fire, according to Adekunle.

In response to the news, Yemisi Opalola, the state police public relations officer, denied killing the victim and said the policemen had gone to the palace to safeguard personnel doing renovation work.

“The Commissioner of Police wishes to refute the rumors going around that policemen shot at individuals in Ikirun,” Opalola added.

The real story of the incident is that several armed hoodlums opened fire on the cops sent to the Akinrun Palace to protect those repairing it, wounding Inspectors Obajobi Adedokun and Raji Abiodun.

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“They were taken urgently to the hospital for care. On their way to the palace to put out the fire, the hoodlums (thugs) attacked the fire brigade personnel, injured Orunwumi Roseline and Abel Olayinka, and attacked their truck.

The CP consequently ordered parents and guardians to advise their wards to refrain from this violent act and follow the path of peace. Anyone found responsible for this unjustified aggression or attack would face the full wrath of the law, he firmly warned.

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