Responsibility of Good Parents to their Children

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Responsibility of Good Parents to their Children

Let’s be sincere for a moment, reasonably, parents are supposed to be responsible for their children’s physical, moral, educational, and spiritual welfare. Every parent has the authority to, to a large extent, insist that their children obey their rules as long as they are under their custody and they are dependent on them both financially and otherwise.

Every behaviour of a child is almost like the copyright of his parents to a reasonable degree, because the long-standing influence that a parent has on his child is not couched on family rules alone. Parents’ influence on the child is often exerted by example; how they act and interact with people, what they do, and how they approach situations.

Only when a parent does the right thing in the presence of their child will he be taught the right things that he should do and the right way he should go.  A child that has a long-standing positive influence from his parents will be able to keep to the virtues of the parents even when they are far apart. Positive influence is always exerted on a child by helping him to discover his talents and also helping him discover ways to help utilize these talents in the right itinerary.

If you see that your child has shooting talent, maybe from the way he points things towards people when he is small, please don’t help him discover it at home, enroll him into the military school before he discovers himself, only there it will be utilized wisely and in the right way.

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Positive influence is also exerted on the child by spending good times in his company and so doing, you will allow the child to look through an open window into your heart, so that he may learn how to do the good things that you do. He will also be privileged to know your feelings about what you do and the pleasure that you derive from what you do.

Honestly, there is no strong bond between parents and their children in our community these days. Some parents do not even know where their children sleep. Most parents do not provide a platform for their children to relate with them closely and understand them. The fundamental training that parents pass to a child matters a lot.

Before a child grows enough to make decisions on his own, he should have had enough knowledge required to live a worthy life. Every parent has the right to control the character formation of their child, most especially his views about life. They have a greater advantage when the child is young to make him keep to their teachings if they are at sign not.

Understanding the concept of giving between the Parents and the Child Parents should understand that giving and receiving are not limited to material things only. Most of our giving and receiving have little or nothing to do with inheritance goods. The main giving and receiving take place in conversation between the parent and his child.

A child can receive all his parent has to share (pains or joy) with only a listening ear. Children tend to hold every word of their parents with the utmost honour. Every parent should know that they are the first moral teacher of a child, so they should learn to speak with a compassionate voice, towards encouraging the child, or by helping them with practical advice or illustrations. In doing this, genuine friendship is developed between the child and his parents.

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A parent’s heart should generously overlook the shortcoming of his child, even as they struggle to give him the best upbringing. They should be able to give to their child generously in all areas of their lives; time spent together, mutual service, rendered presence in times of need, and assistance in carrying emotional, spiritual, and domestic burdens.

The product of these actions and assistance are things (love, understanding, good health, opportunities, care, trust, confidence, true friendship, and the ability to rely on their parent) that ordinary money can never buy.

Importance of Apology between Parents and Their Children

One of the greatest things that nurture a good relationship between the parent and their children apology, especially, when we erred and fail to act. An apology is often called for when either the child or any of the parents know that they have left something undone, done wrongly, un-said, or said wrongly.

Not only is apology vital in the growth of the relationship between parents and the child, but the parent should remember that it is supposed to be a mutual thing; it should be able to flow from both sides i.e. from the parents and the child when any of them does something wrong. They do not know how long they may have to live together, so all the time they spend together should be seen as a privilege, and as such, it should be treasured.

More so, not only is it important for parents to apologize when they offend their children, but it is also important that they should quickly receive an apology offered by their children when they offend them, I plead to all our fathers and mothers, that whenever your child offends you and he quickly realizes at the end that his actions were wrong, then he or she tenders an apology, try and forgive him or her and let the issue go.

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When a child starts to have problems at home, he tends to seek comfort outside the home, and it may lead him to associate with the wrong people. When he eventually confides in the wrong people, he may be easily influenced negatively. Our parents should please avoid holding resentments or ill feelings towards their children.

Every parent should learn how to let issues go when their child shows a sense of remorse and demands forgiveness. It has been a tough and difficult experience for me through the years to quickly give and accept apologies, maybe as a result of the influence, that environment exerted on me while I was growing up. For many years, I tended to hold to hurts from the past, including the memories of things that I have done to hurt myself,

I continue to hold on to guilt for too long, even after I asked God for forgiveness. Meanwhile, what I have recognized in great people is that they are quick to ask for forgiveness, they are quick to offer apologies, and are always prepared to accept apologies sincerely and readily. Even more, they are quick to forgive themselves, release any guilt they felt and move on.

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