TikTok bans a user for spreading false information regarding Osinbajo’s daughter

TikTok bans a user for spreading false information regarding Osinbajo’s daughter

The social media network has banned @Realcharley22, Liberian TikTok content maker, for disseminating false information about Kiki Osinbajo, the daughter of Nigeria’s vice president.
The TikTok influencer had earlier in the week stated that Kiki had been detained in the UK for having significant amount of US currency.
Nigerian blogger named Tunde Ednut posted that the person who had provided the photographs and videos to corroborate the claim had recently come forward to deny the information.
Nigerians flocked to denounce the page for misleading the public as result, and Saturday’s page checks found that the account was no longer on TikTok.

@Realcharley22 Just 24 hours after posting the bogus video, the user shared an apology video for Kiki and Nigerians, claiming that his source had mistaken the woman in the video for Kiki.

“I want to apologize to Kiki Osinbajo since she was never arrested,” he stated. The tale is false, and my source tricked me by mistaking another person for Kiki.

I want to apologize to my viewers and Kiki Osinbajo for the earlier video I posted, however, she was never arrested.

Popular Nigerian blogger Tunde Ednut recently stated on Instagram that the rumor was untrue and that Kiki had never been jailed. He requested that I remove the article after learning that it was incorrect.

According to reports, Kiki and her father arrived in Abuja on Tuesday after the vice president’s trip to Lagos, where he gave a speech at the UN World Tourism Organization worldwide conference.

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