Vehicles were damaged and three people were hurt during Atiku’s campaign.

Vehicles were damaged and three people were hurt during Atiku’s campaign.

In a scuffle between Kalare boys and supporters of Vice President Atiku Abubakar, who was in Gombe for his presidential campaign, on Monday, no less than three people were hurt to varying degrees.

Three people were hurt in the process, and three vehicles—a bus, a sedan, and one Keke NAPEP—had their windshields shattered as thugs ambushed them along Pantami Stadium Road.

Confirming the clash by Kalare boys with supporters after the campaign Usman Muritala, the Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), said he was not aware since he was not included in the campaign planning.

According to our correspondent, problems started after Abubakar departed Pantami Stadium for Bauchi with his entourage through gate number two.

The Kalare guys attacked innocent party supporters who were traveling to their various homes while brandishing clubs, swords, cutlasses, and other hazardous weapons.

To ensure security for fans who were pouring back into the stadium for safety, the police who were holding gate number one of the stadium rapidly deployed a detachment of armed cops to the second gate.

As the Kalare lads blocked the path to Pantami market and Government House and began hitting bystanders, many supporters were left trapped at the Pantami Stadium waiting for the police to restore peace and order.

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To protect themselves from attack by the thugs, some PDP women supporters had to affix themselves to police vans.
The Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Mahid Abubakar, declined to acknowledge the altercation when called since he was in a workshop.

Abubakar, Since I’m taking a course in Adamawa, I haven’t been able to collect anything yet. As soon as I do, I’ll get in touch with you.

In a previous speech, PDP presidential candidate Atiku pledged to revitalize Gombe, the region’s economic hub and stressed that it deserved greater prosperity with a focus on empowering women and building roads.

As far as I’m concerned, Gombe is my own home, he declared. Let me restate the commitments we made to empowering Gombe if only by the grace of God and with your help. Gombe is a natural hub for business in the Northeast, and we pledge to support your entrepreneurs as they grow their companies and employ more of our youth.

“We also pledge to restart the Dadinkowa dam, which was built by the PDP administration to supply irrigation and electricity, so that these services can be made available in the Northeast. Additionally, we pledge that if you help us win a PDP government, we’ll make sure that all the highways connecting Gombe with Adamawa, Borno, Yobe, and Bauchi are rebuilt in order to promote trade and business.


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