What is Natasha’s Crime and Where Did She Go Wrong?

What is Natasha’s Crime and Where Did She Go Wrong?

To avoid offending anyone, let’s be fully reasonable and honest with ourselves in this situation. Thus, the crucial query is, “What is Her Crime? Where Did She Make Mistakes?

Is it because we despise the truth so much or because we lack new material for our counter-campaign? If my memory serves me well, we have all been led by the First Lady from a whole other tribe for years at this point, I mean near to a finishing reign. We didn’t object, voice any objections, or say anything negative like “Oh how can you leave your own first wife who is from the same tribe as you and introduce another from a very different background to govern over us as the First Lady?”

Nobody voiced any concerns or observations of this kind. Why? The answer is evident: What does love have to do with leadership? What does her husband, who is from a different tribe, have to do with the fact that she is fighting for her people, her community, the underpaid employees, the street children who have dropped out of school, the crumbling educational facilities, the unemployed youths who are running amok in Ebira land, and the entire state?

He must be mistaken as well if she is incorrect. What, for heaven’s sake, does her marriage to a wealthy, peaceful, and capable chief have to do with her plans to deliver us from poverty and ignorance if you have no objections to having a lady from another state lead you?

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In the era of unity to achieve common goals, two kingdoms are best united by marriage. A king would wish for his son or daughter to marry from another royal kingdom just to unite the kingdoms, hence, enriching each other more with their various resources.

Sheikh Ibrahim Niyass (R.T.A) was from another country entirely, but to date, Ebiraland is blessed with his impact during his lifetime and we still boast that he was part of us. Why, because he married our late Mother, Seida Bilkiss (K.W).

Natasha H. Akpoti-Uduaghan, Chief Barr, invites you to leave the shadows behind and see the light. She serves as a mirror on the wall through which many people can see themselves. She represents a hope that has been lost and that we work to recover.

Now that she has taken another encouraging step toward easing a better life for us, why have we been unable to see past the limitations these men have placed on us?

Director Natasha H. Akpoti I am most definitely not one of the low-thinking people that Uduaghan surrounds herself with. I support her, and I don’t just come here to gratuitously praise her; instead, I boldly present arguments for why you should all recognize the light that wants to return to Ebiraland.

After having mentioned all of this, we can conclusively say that Barr. The union of Natasha H. Akpoti Uduaghan with the charming Prince Uduaghan is a private matter, just like the unions of our other leaders with members of other communities.

Some even forced them upon us as First Ladies, and we have long since accepted that. Instead of hiding behind hypocrisy to destroy our one chance for salvation, let’s appreciate its beauty and benefit.


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